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Starting Points
  • Spanky Fractal Database
    Huge archive of fractal-related programs, documents, and images. Includes a well-annotated, categorized collection of links to fractal information stored at other sites. Superb.
  • FractInt Home Page at Spanky
    FractInt is a freeware fractal generator. It's fast, extensive, versatile, and free. In short, FractInt is the fractal program to get. You can download DOS, Windows, XWindows, and Motif versions of FractInt (sorry Mac users), including the source code. Also consider buying Fractal Creations, 2nd ed. by Tim Wegner and Bert Tyler, two of the programmers of FractInt. Fractal Creations is a user's manual for FractInt that comes with a copy of FractInt v. 18.21 and a CD-ROM of over 1800 fractal images.
  • sci.fractals FAQ
    Latest version of the Frequently Asked Questions file for the sci.fractals newsgroup and frac-l listserv.
  • sci.fractals
    Usenet newsgroup devoted to objects of non-integral dimension
Papers & Other Reading Material
  • Fractals and Scale
    Introduction to scale, dimension, and random iteration algorithms as they relate to fractals.
  • Exploring Chaos and Fractals
    Online condensed version of Exploring Chaos and Fractals, an electronic textbook designed to be used by individuals or groups in secondary or tertiary settings. Very readable introduction to fractals with some nice images.
  • Fractal Geometry
    Short introduction to fractals from the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) at the University of Illinois.
  • IBM Compatible (DOS and Windows)
    • YABMP
      DOS program to produce mathematically accurate three-color images of the Mandelbrot set and its associated Julia sets. Allows the user to zoom, read the true coordinates of a point, and compute the period corresponding to a point. Requires an i486 DX CPU or better.
    • The Well Tempered Fractal
      Creates fractal-based musical melodies.
    • FractOrb
      Displays the orbits of points in and near the Mandelbrot set.
    • F-Land
      Fractal landscape generator with 3D viewing.
    • F-Design
      Iterated functions system (IFS) fractal program with C source.
    • Fractal Science Kit
      An interactive programming environment with windows for viewing the fractal image, modifying the properties that define the fractal, examining the data behind the fractal, and viewing/editing the programs, macros (inline functions/methods), and color gradients used by the Fractal Science Kit to produce the final image
  • General Resources for Fractal Software

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