o Other Fractal Resources

+ Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) file for the sci.fractals newsgroup

This file is available in a hypertext version and a plain text version. It provides an excellent introduction to fractal theory and serves as a comprehensive guide to fractal-related books, FTP sites, World Wide Web pages, and mailing lists.

+ Fractals and Chaos by Dr. Richard M. Crownover

This notebook is based on section 2.1 of Dr. Crownover's book, which is used as the textbook for his Math 316 class at the University of Missouri-Columbia.

+ Fractal Creations, 2nd Ed. by Tim Wegner and Bert Tyler

Wegner and Tyler are two of the programmers of the extremely popular shareware package FractInt. Their book, published by the Waite Group, includes a copy of FractInt version 18.21 and a CD-ROM of fractal images.