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Fractal Science Kit
Windows program for exploring fractals including: Mandelbrot, Julia, Newton, Orbit Traps, Sierpinski N-gon, IFS, Strange Attractors, Symmetric Icons, Schottky Group, Kleinian Group, L-System, and more.
Submitted by Ross Hilbert <> on August 14, 2008
Science Clarified
Science Clarified provides among others, a detailed and coheren description of fractals.
Submitted by Nathan <> on May 22, 2007
Posters and prints of fractal art
Showcases fractal art which is available for purchase as glossy prints or posters ranging in size from 3.5 x 5 inches to 30 x 40 inches. Prints are available in matte, glossy or lustre finishes and can be ordered and delivered via the deviantArt online art shop. Some print sizes can be ordered complete with frames.
Submitted by Andrew Weiser <> on October 2, 2006
Fractal Art
Diretory of fractal artists.
Submitted by Liza Phoenix on August 20, 2006
Peapod Design
Digital paintings using fractals as the nucleus. Color-soaked dreamscape art.
Submitted by Peapod Design <> on July 30, 2006
lsystems fractals...
fractals lsystems religious/national symbols
Submitted on March 10, 2005
Mathsong Fractals
Fractal art using UltraFractal software.
Submitted by Susan Chambless <> on December 12, 2004
Fractal Morphing Screen Saver
Fractal Morphing Screen Saver is a screen saver for Windows. Fractals fascinate us with their beauty and attractiveness. And as to morphing it emphasizes it to a great extent. According to many people`s opinion fractals produce a soothing and relaxing effect on them. If you watch this screensaver periodically it will help you release your eyes weariness. Despite its small size, the screensaver performs beautiful morphing and fractal deformation and has a lot of settings. Experiment with its settings to find the view most appealing to you. Now the screensaver can work in the slideshow mode. The screensaver has 46 predefined fractals which provides 2070 morphing variants of one fractal into another. Touch the world of fractals. Especially, if you don`t know yet what it is like.
Submitted by Alexander Moshkov <> on October 12, 2004
Trojan Fractal
download high quality wallpapers in Trojan Fractal . . . mandelbrot , julia , newton and others . . .
Submitted by shahriar <> on October 9, 2003
Makin' Magic Fractals (MMFrac homesite)
Added the link because the old E-mail address (@mindnet) no longer exists.
Submitted by David Makin <> on August 19, 2003
Fractals Unleashed
Excellent site for information about fractals generally.
Submitted by Dave Makin <> on July 9, 2000
An excellent entry point for all things fractal. Especially for anyone interested in Ultra-Fractal.
Submitted by Dave Makin <> on July 9, 2000
Ultra-Fractal Homepage
Ultra-Fractal is arguably the best Mandelbrot/Julia software currently available. It allows you to add your own fractal/transformation/colouring formulas and has a very large following. (Shareware)
Submitted by Dave Makin <> on July 9, 2000
Makin' Magic Fractals
Fractal Galleries plus Makin' Magic Fractals (MMFrac), a freeware 2D/3D Mandelbrot/Julia fractal generator including Quaternion/Hypercomplex fractals.
Submitted by Dave Makin <> on July 9, 2000
VIRLUX 3D fractal
some lsystems 3D pictures! come in! thanks for the evolution!
Submitted by Markus <> on July 16, 1999
Lots of pictures, theory and much more about IFS Fractals...
Submitted by David CHARDONNET <> on June 5, 1998

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